Why Fish Don’t Exist

My forthcoming book that tells the wild tale of a scientist from the 19th century and examines how to go on when everything seems lost. Forthcoming from Simon & Schuster. Available for preorder HERE.
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50 Other Things That Ladies Love

In honor of LL Cool J's 50th birthday, a list of 50 other things that Ladies Love.
Published in The New Yorker
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The Obituary

A tale of writing an obituary of a suicide.
Published in VQR.
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Me and Jane

A tale of two horseshoe crabs.
Published in Catapult.
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Bigfoot on the Beach

A piece of flash fiction about what happens when Bigfoot leaves the forest for the beach.
Published in Electric Literature
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An audio essay about my dog Charlie. And Coyotes.
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Goodbye Jure

A short tribute to ultra-cyclist Jure Robic.
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