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Trapdoor Archives - LuTimesTwo

You found the trap door and fell into secret room.
This is where I keep some random odds and ends.
It’s a bit messy in here.
So, be prepared.

Country Roads

In 2010 I rode my bike across the country with my friend Soo. I was interviewed for a program called "The Reason" about what song got stuck in my head on my journey.
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Booyah Mozart

Radiolab did a whole episode about what happens after we die. 11 meditations on deaths of all sorts—death of a person, a planet, a particle. I called up geologist Jan Zalasiewicz for a lightning-fast little chat about what will remain after the death of… human civilization.
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The Universe is Out to Get YOU! (and Wile E. Coyote)

A silly little segment in a show examining fate and fortune that dares to ask, "why is the roadrunner cartoon so good?" Producer Pat Walters and I check in with cartoon historian Mike Barrier who points out that the coyote's incessant failure may actually be a beacon of hope in a Nietzchean void.
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Chimp Bully

Back in the 70s, Barb Smuts was a field researcher working with Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Barb was charged with the task of observing a group of chimps in the wild, following them, noting their behaviors, but always keeping her distance. But when one of the chimps starts picking on her, she finds it hard to abide by the rules of scientific objectivity.
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Parasites: are they evil or are they awesome?

In Radiolab’s hour on Parasites, science writer Carl Zimmer plays defense lawyer to nature’s cheats while hosts Jad and Robert argue in defense of the victims.
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Tour of Chimeras

For the intro to Radiolab’s show on genetic engineering ("So-Called Life," we titled it), I wander around the American Museum of Natural History and ask kids really hard-hitting questions about why it's so joyful to think about a horse with wings.
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