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Radio Archives - LuTimesTwo

Selected Pieces

The Problem with the Solution

A story about a magical-seeming town in Belgium called Geel where people have been caring for strangers with mental illness for over 700 years. It is also a story about mental illness in my own family.
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Simon and Sarita

A story of love and faceblindness. Runner-up in The Missouri Review’s 2011 Audio Competition.
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How to Become Batman

A story about a man who is blind who can ride a bike using echolocation--clicking like a bat. But it is really a story about how your expectations may be affecting the people around you.
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The Bus Stop

A nursing home in Germany has come up with a stunningly simple solution to the problem of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients getting disoriented and wandering away.
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Innate Numbers

Let’s get mathy. When we show up into the world are we pre-wired with an understanding of numbers? Research shows that we are (within 24 hours babies can identify changes in quantity), but they are not the same kinds of numbers that we think of today.
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Limits of the Body

If you could shut down that little voice in your head that tells you you’re tired, how far could you go? What, if any, are the limits to the human body?
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A Man’s Life for a Bird

This is a story about birds. But it’s really a story about moral balance. How far should we go to protect a species? Is one species worth more than another? I journey to the forests of northern Michigan to untangle the story of an endangered little yellow bird called the Kirtland’s warbler.
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Musical Hallucinations

There is a condition, a nightmarish condition, in which songs get stuck in your head, and play over and over again in loud, fully-realized, renditions. Research suggests that people who suffer from this are in a very real way experiencing music.
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Search for Delicious

Here are some pieces I did for Sam Dingman’s low-fi good-times pirate-radio podcast, The Road 2 Shambala.
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Something happened to my dog Charlie. I won’t tell you what here, but it’s troubled me for nearly a decade. So I wrote this audio essay about it.
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There’s a feeling you get when you encounter a swarm. It’s a thrill, with a dash of fear and a sprinkle of awe. Entomologist Jeffrey Lockwood calls this feeling "The Joyful Terror of Oneness" and he tells us the story of The Rocky Mountain Locust...
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When Duct-tape Solves the Ethereal Sadness

A short conversation I had with Jad and Robert on Radiolab about why certain stories give me all the hope in the world.
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There’s iPods in dem Apple Trees!

Vermont’s got a tourism problem. It’s got the least number of twenty-somethings of any state in the country. And though they do get a spike of snowboarders and skiers in the winter, fall’s a particularly hard time of year. So Commissioner of Tourism, Bruce Hyde, came up with an idea that he hopes will lure young people up to that autumnal Vermont air.
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